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The Shine team at the Financing the Future Summit (L-R: Mark Correnti, Dwayne Linville, Emira Woods, and Rev. Fletcher Harper)


Day 2 – Cape Town, South Africa
The Financing The Future Global Climate Divest-Invest Summit came to a close today. Leaders from faith-based institutions, governments, NGOs, foundations, academia, environmental, social impact investing, healthcare, social enterprise and other values-driven institutions shared success stories and challenges of shifting away from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy. The key focus points being; indigenous land, involvement of women, enacting change through storytelling, structural carbon adjustment and investing in decentralized energy.

A New Energy Paradigm for a Flourishing Future
A diverse panel discussed the challenges faced by transitioning economies and communities, especially last-mile communities, to clean energy. The highlight of these talks was the inclusion of current narratives of social issues, namely gender-based issues. A number of solutions and discussions engaged the female delegates specifically. Panelists urged the need to bring women to the center of the clean energy conversation. Women are large consumers of energy whether it is through cooking or fueling and lighting their homes. They can change behavior when it comes to how we use energy. Climate change issues need to be tackled from all dimensions; social, economic, political etc.

Postcards from the Future: Stories of People-Centered, Community- Focused Distributed Renewable Energy Development
Storytelling is a means for participants to engage in human interaction and sparking discussions that will ultimately drive solutions for climate change. Through storytelling, we were able to connect globally, by hearing stories from the Africa, The Pacific Islands, Amazonia, Europe, North America and Asia. The movement must be community-led and driven – we must understand and be respectful of how communities are self-organized and work to support their mobilization effort. These stories include harrowing accounts of citizens combating environmental issues to send vital messages to governments all across the globe. It is important to create systems to include local partners who may get left out. Educating communities about investment solutions such as blended funds/capital is an important step in setting them up for success.

Delegation Reports
Delegations at the conference met to discuss solutions to our climate crisis, coming up with actionable items for each. The organizing team of the Summit have committed to compile these resolutions in a report that will be shared with all. Over the past two days, talks at the Summit have inspired the audience to hold faith, keep hope, and stand in solidarity in the global fight for a fossil-free future.

Delegation Meetings held on Day Two of this conference

  • Sectorial Delegations Meetings – Healthcare, cities and pension funds, foundations, gender and faith
  • Geographic Delegation Meetings – Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia (and India) – Pacific, South Africa

Additional Reports From The Summit