Shine Updates

Pollinate Energy (now merged with Empower Generation) brings life-changing products to the millions of people living in economic and energy poverty in India’s city slums and Nepal’s remote villages. Our long-lasting solutions include products such as solar lights, clean cookstoves, medicated mosquito nets and more – all aimed at improving the health, safety, quality of life, and immediate environment of families in poverty. Our high-performing, durable products also reduce reliance on toxic and expensive fuels like kerosene, reducing the impacts of greenhouse gases and black carbon in communities left in the dark by the modern energy economy. These products improve the quality of life particularly for the women and children who live in the communities we reach.

We distribute these products through a diverse network of ‘Pollinators’ – door-to-door sales agents, women-owned retail shops and franchisees. We empower our Pollinators with the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to sell and service products on affordable payment plans. Women in our network earn significant incomes and are continuously promoted to positions of leadership within our network. They also gain power and status in their household and community, get elected to public office, leverage the sales skills they learn in other ventures and become positive role models for their daughters.

Since merging, we have successfully recruited, trained and empowered more than 500 women in India and Nepal, providing them with business skills and self-confidence to deliver high-quality products to benefit more than 450,000 people. These products have freed families from the consequences of indoor air pollution and water- and mosquito-borne disease. Families save money, reduce the burden of chores on women, and enable children to spend 20% more time studying.

Shine Campaign Commitment

Women, serving as the household decisions makers and primary caregivers, are the key to solving the last-mile access challenge. We are leveraging our women-led distribution model to become the leading distribution network around the globe, with a goal directly impact 1M people by 2020.

Pollinate Energy and Empower Generation are thrilled to contribute to the Shine initiative to ensure that no one is left behind in the sustainable energy transition.

Over the next 2 years:

  • We’ll recruit, train, and support over 1,000 women to join our distribution network, earn significant income, be promoted to leadership positions, gain power and status in their household and community, and become positive role models for their children.
  • Positively impact 1 million+ people with our life-changing products and services by 2020.
  • Increase our rate of reach from 1,000 to 4,000+ families per month.