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The Shine Campaign was officially launched during the final day of the Sustainable Energy for All Forum at the Convento de Beato in Lisbon, Portugal.

Comprising over 35 civic organizations worldwide, Shine is a unique coalition of partners from the faith, philanthropic, finance and development communities. In the run up to the launch new campaign partners have committed to expanding their work and to operate collectively to increase energy access.

Two of our founding members, Ellen Dorsey of the Wallace Global Fund and Rachel Kyte of SEforAll, spoke with Reuters about the importance of the Campaign’s work and its critical place in bringing new funding streams in to solve energy poverty.

“We needed to have a champion, a constituency to stand up and say the billion (people) must be reached first. We need to stay committed until we get the job done. This can’t be a fad.”

– Ellen Dorsey, CEO of Wallace Global Fund, who has committed to put 1 percent of its capital into impact investments in energy access, and to provide at least $1 million in grants each year with a focus on helping women in sub-Saharan Africa.

Read the whole piece here and learn more about the vision for the Shine Campaign, and how we’re working to solve energy poverty for the 1 billion.