The SHINE Collab brings together innovative investors and grantmakers/donors at foundations, NGOs and faith-based groups to bring decentralized, locally-owned and led renewable energy development to the world’s most vulnerable people in the hardest to reach places.

Through grants and investment facilities and by championing the cause, The SHINE Collab’s values-driven community of partners are helping to light the way for a global energy transition to sustainable, scalable and just clean energy solutions.

The SHINE Collab offers regular convenings and promotes strategic dialogue among partners, organizes re-granting and investment facilities, and champions the cause through a range of communications channels.

We invite you to join us. To learn more, email Margaret at



Help us raise awareness and build momentum for getting access to energy to the last mile. Tell us how you are working to empower a bright and sustainable future for the 850 million people still living without access to electricity.

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