Shine Updates

Serving 600 million evangelicals through its network, the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), is the second largest historic Christian organization in the world. Present in 129 countries through national WEA Alliances comprised of member churches, ministries, and organizations, the WEA is motivated to help its members experience and share the truth and love of Jesus’ Gospel. For this reason, the WEA is committed to helping its members respond to the needs of people, especially those suffering from poverty, while also being good stewards of God’s creation – which the Bible teaches necessarily go together.

Drawing on our Christian beliefs and values, our conviction that the transition to a clean sustainable energy future is good for people and the integrity of God’s creation, and that the world’s clean energy transition should not leave anyone behind, especially those who live in poverty, the WEA is announcing a clean energy access commitment we have entitled the 20.2023 Initiative.

Shine Campaign Commitment

Through the 20.2023 Initiative, the WEA is committing to advocate, campaign for and assist 20 percent of our global evangelical footprint – educational institutions, medical facilities, church campuses, etc., be powered by 100% clean, renewable energy by the year 2023. As a member of the Shine Campaign, the WEA will prioritize electrification of evangelical institutions in countries identified by Sustainable Energy for All as energy poor “high impact energy countries.”

We believe that electrification of evangelical institutions in underserved communities will significantly improve the wellbeing of the community through the services they offer, while at the same time we will also seek to extend reliable, affordable renewable energy to individual households in the community.

The 20.2023 Initiative is a bold undertaking requiring a sustained long-term commitment for success. The WEA willingly acknowledges and accepts the challenge incumbent upon achieving 20.2023. We are bold to step out because we are confident that our National Alliances, member organizations, and other supportive partners like our partners in the Shine Campaign, will help us achieve the ambitious goals 20.2023 sets forth.