Scaling women-led, community-driven renewable energy solutions for a gender just energy transition



The SHINE Collab’s work is rooted in a Just Transition Framework.

The SHINE Collab’s envisions a world where women-led, community-driven decentralized renewable energy initiatives unlock climate solutions and address inequality.

The SHINE Collab envisions fresh thinking, new transformative partnerships, and new resources for women-led, community-driven energy to households, businesses and communities that have no or insufficient access to electricity, catalyzing gender-just climate solutions.

The SHINE Collab envisions a new narrative and agenda that embraces a holistic approach to gender justice, climate change and energy access, bringing life to a just transition.

The SHINE Collab goals are to:

  • Support Africa-based women-led small-scale enterprises and grassroots organizations to access and control renewable energy to improve livelihoods, safety and wellbeing and build their collective power to influence a better future.
  • Combine knowledge, networks and financing in support of frontline gender-just energy solutions and leadership, forging cross-sectoral partnerships across the gender justice, feminist, climate and energy sectors.
  • Shape the field and change the narrative that currently focuses on large-scale, top down energy and climate solutions using data and knowledge from practice to make the case for community-driven, women-led energy and climate alternatives.
  • Promote a gender just, power-building approach to the just energy transition in policy and practice that challenges the ongoing impact of extractives and fossil fuels, and promote people-centered alternatives.
  • Build the organizational capacity of the SHINE Collab to lead from the African Continent.


Mela Chiponda


Margaret (Maggie) Mutsamvi

Program Officer

Christine Eibs Singer

Program Advisor

mark correnti | Shine Managing Director, Investments

Mark Correnti

Investment Advisor

Lisa VeneKlasen

Strategy & Partnerships Advisor

Advisory Council

Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director, Wallace Global Fund 

The Rev. Fletcher Harper, Executive Director, GreenFaith

Rachel Kyte, Dean Emerita, The Fletcher School, Tufts University

Women’s Leadership Council

Ajaita Shah – Frontier Markets 

Ellen Dorsey – Wallace Global Fund

Emira Woods – Green Leadership Trust

Katherine Lucey – Solar Sister

Mariama Kamara – Smiling Through Light

Sheila Oparaocha – Energia

The SHINE Collab is a sponsored project of GreenFaith