Shine connects you with research, tools and best practices to help you prioritize just, clean, distributed energy solutions initiatives focused on:


  • Reaching the hardest-to-reach communities
  • Incorporating the full participation of communities in developing locally-owned, affordable clean energy assets that improve and sustain their livelihoods
  • Empowering by women, indigenous persons, and racial and cultural minorities in their respective contexts
  • Respecting human rights and the environment while serving communities left behind by centralized, large-scale energy access initiatives.


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Shining Voices For Energy Access

On December 10, 2019, stakeholders in the last mile solar energy distribution sector convened to spotlight energy access as a human right. The event marked the U.S. launch of The Global Distributors Collective’s (GDC) inaugural Last Mile Distribution: State of the Sector Report.


Transforming Energy Access, An Ecosystem Approach
Ashden | November 2020


Energizing Finance: Missing the Mark 2020
SEforALL | October 2020


Energizing Finance: Understanding the Landscape 2020
SEforALL | October 2020


Powering Health across Africa through COVID-19 and a Changing Climate
Rocky Mountain Institute | May 2020


New Nexus Approach to Powering Development
World Resources Institute | April 2020


A VIRTUOUS CYCLE? Reviewing the evidence on women’s empowerment and energy access, frameworks, metrics and methods
SETI + WinEED | March 2020


Opportunities for Climate Philanthropy Engagement in Africa
ClimateWorks Foundation | February 2020


Off-Grid Solar: Market Trends Report for 2020
GOGLA | February 2020


Energy Safety Nets
SEforAll | February 2020


Why Off-Grid Energy Matters
60 Decibels | February 2020


The Energy Progress Report 2019

SEforAll | May 2019


Last Mile Distribution: State of the Sector Report

Global Distributors Collective | Winter 2019


Breakthrough Batteries: Powering the Era of Clean Electrification

Rocky Mountain Institute


Flooded Future: Global Vulnerability To Sea Level Rise Worse Than Previously Understood

Climate Central


POWERING JOBS CENSUS 2019: The Energy Access Workforce

Power For All, Schneider Electric Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation


RISE AND SHINE: The Role of Indian Religious Institutions in Closing the Energy Access Gap

Bhumi Project, GreenFaith, Shine Campaign and EPG Economic and Strategy Consulting


TURNING ON THE LIGHTS: Transcending Energy Poverty Through the Power of Women Entrepreneurs

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Solar Sister


CLOSING THE CIRCUIT: Accelerating Clean Energy Investment in India

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship and William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan