Shine Updates

The world urgently needs a rapid transition to a renewable energy economy to protect the well-being of all people and our planet. Access to clean, reliable and affordable energy has the power to fuel economic transformation and change lives, especially for women and young people.

To highlight the leadership role that values-driven institutions play in accelerating the shift away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy and ensuring that no one is left behind, the Shine Campaign is pleased to serve on the steering committee for the Financing the Future Summit in Cape Town, September 9-12.

The Summit program provides an opportunity for leaders from faith-based institutions, governments, NGOs, foundations, academia, environmental, social impact investing, healthcare, social enterprise and other values-driven organizations  from the Global North and South to collaborate on a growing array of investments, grants and programs to solve a global problem by meeting clean energy needs at the local level. Shine Campaign leaders and partners will be speaking and/or facilitating the following events:

September 9

  • Mission-Aligned Investing Seminar, keynote speaker Ellen Dorsey
  • Press Conference – Divestment announcement, facilitated by Emira Woods

September 10

  • Islamic Divest-Invest Statement and Faith Networking Breakfast (Invitation Only), co-hosted by GreenFaith and SAFCEI
  • Power to the People – Stories of Community Based, Socially Inclusive Energy Access, facilitated by Emira Woods

September 10

  • Morning Plenary – Why and How Financing the Future Helps Save People and Planet, speaker Ellen Dorsey

September 11

  • Philanthropy Breakfast (Invitation Only), co-hosted by The Shine Campaign
  • Morning Plenary – A New Energy Paradigm for a Flourishing Future, speaker Ajaita Shah
  • Plenary Panel – Postcards from the Future: Stories of People-Centered, Community-Focused Distributed Renewable Energy Development, speaker Mark Correnti
  • Closing Plenary – Delegation Reports and Call to Action, facilitated by Emira Woods

September 12

  • Rise to Shine: Exploring the Role of Religious Communities in Ending Energy Poverty (Invitation Only), co-facilitated by Rev. Fletcher Harper, Francesca de Gasparis, and Alexia Kelly


We invite you to tune in to Summit sessions streaming here. And follow along on Shine’s social media channels on  Twitter and Facebook for Financing the Future updates.

In solidarity,
The Shine Campaign