International Women’s Rights and Development Leader to Head Campaign to Increase Investment in Clean, Renewable Energy for Last Mile Communities


WASHINGTON, D.C. June 2, 2021 – The Shine Campaign named international women’s rights and development leader, Everjoice Win, as its new Executive Director.

A collective of values-driven donors, investors and advocates from the philanthropic foundation, faith and NGO sectors, The Shine Campaign accelerates investment in and support for community-based, distributed solutions to clean, renewable energy access for the hardest to reach communities in parts of the Global South. Initiated by the Wallace Global Fund, Ikea Foundation, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, GreenFaith, Sustainable Energy for All and others, Shine prioritizes women’s leadership and community ownership to ensure access for the 800 million people living without modern forms of energy today. Win joins an accomplished leadership team working since 2018 to build momentum for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 7: universal access to clean, affordable and reliable energy for all by 2030. 

“Shine’s focus on last-mile communities and emphasis on women and community-led solutions fills a crucial gap in the energy investment space. I am thrilled to put my experience toward advancing its unique mission, particularly at this critical moment when social movements are fighting for climate justice” Win said. “Where a person is born should not dictate whether or not they have access to basic human rights, like access to clean, safe energy. I have spent my whole career fighting for justice, and I look forward to championing renewable energy solutions that empower society’s most marginalized and decrease damage on the environment.”

Win’s previous work as International Director of Programmes and Global engagement at Action Aid International, (AAI), demonstrates the deep knowledge and technical skills required to bring Shine’s global campaign to the next level and dramatically accelerate the fight against energy inequality. She has been at the forefront of civil society, women’s rights and international development for more than 30 years, providing strategic leadership on complex issues and policy. At AAI, Win oversaw the organization’s community-based programs, advocacy, and campaigns, with emphasis on women’s rights and young people’s organizing, across the globe. Previously, she was AAI’s global head of Women’s Rights. Win is currently Women’s Rights Professor of Practice at SOAS, University of London.

“We are pleased to have Everjoice join us in our mission to achieve universal access to safe, clean, and affordable renewable energy,” Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director of the Wallace Global Fund and founding partner of The Shine Campaign, said of today’s announcement. “Her experience in human rights-based development work brings a much-needed perspective as we work to prioritize initiatives led and owned by women, local communities, and historically marginalized groups. Her leadership profile and links with feminist movements and international development organizations will be indispensable.”

Win began her career in her home country of Zimbabwe working with feminist organizations and in the women’s movement, helping transform the women’s human rights landscape across the African continent. As the clean energy transition gains pace, The Shine Campaign is leading the charge, ensuring that tomorrow’s energy systems support vibrant, community-based initiatives that lift up last-mile communities, prioritize equity and justice, and demand a sustainable future.


Additional Quotes

“We could not be more excited that Everjoice Win, an accomplished African development, social justice, feminist leader, has taken on the role of Shine’s new director. She understands the connections between poverty, climate change, women’s wellbeing and energy access. She shares our commitment to mobilizing resources and ensuring they support equitable, grassroots-led development. The entire Shine team is ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work with her.” – The Rev. Fletcher Harper, GreenFaith

“I am thrilled that Everjoice will be leading the Shine Campaign!  Her vision is deeply aligned with Shine’s values of environmental justice, accelerating the flow of resources to support marginalized communities, uplifting women-led initiatives, and championing grassroots energy access efforts. As the world confronts historic inequalities that touch all sectors, it is an important signal to appoint someone who has been unflinching in her dedication to leading human rights campaigns, fighting for climate justice and supporting last-mile communities.” – Ajaita Shah, Frontier Markets

“The Shine Campaign will help fuel economic development, protect our planet and transform lives, especially in historically neglected communities. In a successful and sustainable energy system, it is crucial to make sure the renewable energy investment sector also focuses on people living in poverty. Everjoice has tremendous experience in building programmes that leave no one behind. Her commitment, passion and leadership will take the Shine Campaign to the next level and create a movement that enables renewable energy access for all people.” – Jeffrey Prins, IKEA Foundation


About The Shine Campaign

The Shine Campaign is a community of values-driven donors, investors, and advocates united by a commitment to universal access to clean, affordable, renewable energy for the 800 million people living without modern forms of energy. The campaign is accelerating investment in and support for community-based, distributed solutions for energy access with a particular focus on the world’s most marginalized communities, prioritizing initiatives led and owned by women, local communities and historically oppressed groups. The movement aims to accelerate and bring to scale access in a manner that respects human rights, prioritizes community ownership and employment, and protects the environment.