Shine UpdatesPhoto of partners at Shine launch in Lisbon

The Shine Campaign is off to an ambitious start. We announced US$100 million in money committed to solving energy access by 2030 at our launch in Lisbon in May. Our next plan is to reach US$200 million to the field by 2020.

Among our many activities, Shine was featured in Development Finance. In an interview with our Campaign Director, Lisa Jordan, she details on our approach and discusses some of the things the Campaign will accomplish in the coming years.

We’re a unique organization that combines faith-based activism together with institutional investor support to help fill existing finance gaps and add momentum to a push for universal energy access.

By bringing together a wide range of partners from across civil society, we know that we can close the financing gap.

We hope you take time to read the article, and learn how we’re working to solve energy poverty for the 1 billion.