Shine Updates

For nearly 30 years, PYXERA Global has facilitated mutually beneficial partnerships between the public, private, and social sectors worldwide to create social impact projects that inclusively and sustainably enrich lives and livelihoods. They are committed to curating a world class integrated community development and sustainable supply chain programme focused on alleviating energy poverty. The Shine Campaign is thrilled to welcome PYXERA Global as its newest partner.

This past October, after discussions with Shine partners, PYXERA Global chose to highlight ending energy poverty as one of its main solvable problems to discuss during its flagship annual Global Engagement Forum: Live. The forum was founded in 2015 after the United Nation’s ratified the Sustainable Development Goals, providing a foundation for action to solve the world’s most difficult challenges.

At the forum, a host of collaborators and Shine partners engaged in creating solutions to end energy poverty.  Following the Global Engagement Forum: Live, PYXERA Global took the energy solutions crafted to the African Energy Conference, inviting Shine partners to highlight their designed solutions to African energy ministers.

PYXERA Global will leverage unique strengths from private, social, and public sector organizations to work collaboratively on “solving” the following barriers that block progress towards tangible action in ending energy poverty:

  • Financing & Regulation:Build the “middle” between investors and communities such that energy investments are more efficient and effective.
  • Regulatory Environment:Reorganize the current policy environment to enable inclusiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.
  • Need for Community Engagement:Ensure that those who do not have access to electricity have the power to decide whether they need it, how they get it, and how they will use it.
  • Lack of Systems Approach:Enable funders to take a holistic approach rather than focusing on symptoms of the problem.

As a committed voice in promoting energy poverty alleviation, PYXERA Global will co-create energy poverty solutions. Please check out their website here for more information.