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By Salesian Missions


Tanzania is one of the 30 fastest growing economies and spends a higher percentage of its GDP on education. In theory, this should correspond to the rapid creation of new jobs and an abundance of well-educated young people to fill them. In fact, the is opposite is true.  Tanzania is facing a youth unemployment crisis with a growing gap between available jobs and the number of young workers to fill them. This makes it more important than ever for young people to differentiate themselves from the crowd in order to secure a job.

Recent graduate Charles Safiely Mlay was an Electrical student at the Dodoma Vocational Training Center when he opted to specialize in the growing field of Solar Energy through a program managed by Salesian Missions and funded in part by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. Through the program, Charles has learned to troubleshoot and fix solar glitches. He can now design different systems using solar power, including off-grid and grid systems. As a result of his hands-on training at the Center, Charles can mount the solar modules and panels on the ground or rooftops.

Charles is one the Dodoma students who visited the KIITECH Arusha Institution for a study tour organized by the Center to expose students and teachers to solar Hybrid systems, installations and operations. This training model is proof that not only is theoretical study important, but practical experience plays a big role in learning and boosting the confidence of students, as well. Charles thinks the real-world exposure and practical experience he gained at the Center helps distinguish him as a job candidate in a competitive market.

‘’I am glad of the opportunity introduced at the Center. I currently have knowledge in solar energy. This is an advantage for me. It will differentiate me from other electrical experts and make me come first in line when It comes to employment or better yet employing myself, considering the employment opportunities in Tanzania can accommodate only the few,’’ said Charles.

Charles is just one of many Dodoma Vocational Training Center graduates whose lives have been changed personally. But such programs also impact families, communities and the country as a whole. While supporting government initiatives to reduce the youth unemployment gap, programs like the one at  Dodoma also empower young people to make positive contributions to their own renewable energy ecosystem in Tanzania.


About Our Partners

Salesian Missions empowers millions of youth around the globe by teaching them trades that will help them find decent jobs and become self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

The Mott Foundation supports efforts that promote a just, equitable and sustainable society, including grantmaking to improve outcomes for children, youth and families at risk of persistent poverty, education, and neighborhood and economic development.